Exit EU

Commentary from the Smash Cultural Marxism FB page

Those who look at the EU in terms of just the economy and jobs are missing a massive trick. The EU is about the centralisation of power and hegemony both financially and socially over the European people. It is about gradually destroying the unique identities of the individual European states and taking away their sovereignty. The smaller EU states come to depend on the criminal institution who use the carrot and stick scenario to keep them in line. Look at an historical nation like Greece to see how sinister the EU really is and how it operates bilaterally with banks like Goldman Sachs.

The EU is a NWO project preparing the ground for future world government and for those who call that a conspiracy theory the EU itself is modelled on what a future world government may look ie a centralised government, central bank, unelected officials and the proposed EU army and police force etc. It is also an organisation that from its very inception viewed the eradication of racial and cultural identity as one of its primary objectives. It is an enemy of all European people.

Essentially the EU is the synthesis of the global plutocracy and the Marxist left. Its core sociological principles are the epitome of Cultural Marxism and that is why so many of the brainless social justice warriors are so angry that Britain has voted to leave. They see the EU as being supportive of their worldview and their pursuit of a ‘borderless utopia’ in which there is no identity and where everybody is just a citizen of the world free to go where they want and to hell with the consequences. The left seem to conveniently ignore the role big business and international finance plays in the EU, they ignore that it is a globalist capitalist institution that personifies Mammonism ie the greedy pursuit of riches.

The European Union is a vassal state of Wall Street and the plague of usurious international finance and all of its member states are subservient to it. It is the vanguard of the emerging war between globalism and Nationalism and only Nationalism can force it to make a hasty retreat. The cure to the disease that is the EU is national identity, racial and cultural pride and a total rejection of its attempts to destroy them.

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