Terror in Germany: The Truth They Hide

“Imagine if right-wing extremist neo-nazi skinheads had spent the last 8 months carrying out the same amount of terror that Islamists are responsible for.”

This video is a testament to the bias of mass media. Mass media will go out of their way to attribute anything and everything to white racism. They`ve even reported several of these attacks of being perpetrated by right wing extremists before the facts even came out. Once it was proven otherwise the motives were swept under the rug. Past or current affiliations of these people are completely ignored with the new motives being called workplace violence, gay self hatred, etc. But when it comes to whites past or current affiliations are the be all end all for mass media… even if such things had nothing to do with it at all. You`ll hear about what books they were reading, what music they listened to and so on, all trying to build up on their biased story. White racism will be the headlines regardless of the facts (even for non whites like George Zimmerman).

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