Hate Crimes And Mass Media

As further testament to the agenda of mass media- 2 weeks ago there was a national news story about 2 Muslim men who were shot in New York and how this must have been some kind of evil hate crime. This story however has received no such news.

Btw, the man arrested in New York was a Hispanic man. Just wondering how many people have heard that as compared to what the headlines would be had the guy belonged to a different racial group.

FBI Launches Terror Investigation After Man Stabs Two People In Virginia While Shouting ‘Allah Akbar!’

“On Saturday, a deranged man, identified as Wasil Farooqui, stabbed a man and a woman as they walked into a Roanoke apartment building. Oh. And he shouted “Allah Akbar!” as he carried out the attack. The victims managed to get away but were both severely injured. Farooqui was arrested after having the nerve to show up at an emergency room in Roanoke.

Authorities didn’t immediately name the motive for his attack (it’s a real head scratcher), but they did say that they believe Farooqui was trying to decapitate the male victim.”

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