Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

Is there a Hawaiian hula girl on the dashboard of a car? Have no fear- Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

In this video a very whiny and annoying Annaliese Nielsen (who is a high-profile, influential figure in LA and NY feminist circles) berates a lyft driver for having a Hawaiian Hula Girl on his dashboard. In her defense of the continent of Hawaii (yes she thinks Hawaii is a continent) she proceeds to tell the man (who is Asian), that as a white male he doesn`t understand her pain… This video is hilarious and demonstrates the insanity of the sjw mindset. *Note: The video starts with an introduction from Lauren Southern who herself was attacking violently by leftists and sjw`s this past summer

2 thoughts on “Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!”

  1. The Hula Girl has been around longer than I have been alive—and now it is offensive? This chick was just trying to make a video to go viral. Stupid. I’m gonna buy me a hula girl.


    1. Sjw`s have a self assigned moral high ground that they use to bully everyone else in order to enforce their ideologies on them. The most important thing in this video was the comment at the end in which she stated never give in because they will never be happy and will keep pushing with something else.
      And yes it is funny that she created this video in an attempt to ridicule this man but in the end she is the one that everyone is making fun of


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