Brock Turner`s White Privilege?

Brock Turner has made national news as the man who was given a suspended sentence after being arrested for sexually penetrating an intoxicated unconscious 22 year old female with his fingers. Mass media, sjw`s, and people in general are up in a storm about this calling it indicative of white male privilege. He has been received threats of violence and there are protestors outside his house, some of whom are armed. There have also been repeated demands that the judge in this case be forced to resign because of his ruling. While this case has been given national attention, there is no mention of this one involving a 24 year old (illegal alien?) who received a suspended sentence for sexually penetrating a 4 year old. Why not?

Westminster man pleads guilty to sex abuse of minor

“A Westminster man pleaded guilty to a charge of sexual abuse of a minor Monday morning.

Gerson Adonias Rosales, 24, of unit block of Ward Avenue, was given 10 years, suspended all but time served, by presiding Judge Thomas Stansfield.

As part of the plea deal, the state entered a count of second-degree assault and a count of third-degree sex offense as nolle prosequi, or abandoned by the state.

The Department of Homeland Security lodged a detainer to keep Rosales at the Carroll County Detention Center. He is subject to being deported, according to the news release.”

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