Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Part 2

Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue! Part 2

Did someone make a dad joke? Have no fear- Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!!

Last week we posted a video that went viral of a social justice warrior freaking out about a Hawaiian hula girl on a car dashboard. Now there is another video making the rounds now further exposing the insanity of the sjw mindset. This time a black lives matter supporter named Zarna Joshi harasses a man who was giving an interview to a news station. When she asks his name he replies- Hugh Mungus. Hilarity then ensues as she screams over and over that he has just sexually harassed her. In doing so single handedly set back the woman`s rights movement by at least 2,000 years.

It should be pointed out that as demonstrated in this video as well as the Annaliese Nielsen video, that sjw`s will harass and bully you to no end until you do not fall to your knees in repentance. When they realize you will not be bullied and submit to their commands that they turn the tables and scream and cry about being a victim. First off, you should never give in to them because their demands will never stop, but secondly, when you don`t give in to them is when you get the hilarious freak out reactions lol.

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