Feminism: First World Problems Vs Reality

Liberals in European countries are truly a strange bipolar lot. Every single day they will protest that they are oppressed on every issue imaginable, when in reality they enjoy the most freedoms and persecution free lifestyle out of anybody in the world. In the rest of the world there are no rights for women, gays, religious freedoms, and even political activists. In fact in many third world countries there not only is no freedom, but people are killed based on these things. While feminists continue their marxist social justice warrior campaigns in European countries whining about every issue imaginable (like manspreading) , they completely ignore the real struggles of women worldwide. What is truly strange is that liberals not only ignore these issues but they advocate for the mass immigration of people who oppress and kill them. If this isn`t indicative of a bipolar disorder I don`t know what is.

The story here talks about honor killings of women in Pakistan. It goes on to say “Every year, hundreds of people in Pakistan, mostly women, are killed in the so-called name of ‘honor’.”  While these things are occurring worldwide, the picture below sums up the feminist agenda in European countries.

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