Genius Trolling

This is the type of “activism” that will dismantle the current insanity going on in colleges and society in general. The best reaction to a ridiculous policy is to troll it and ridicule it.

Student officially changes his personal pronoun to “His Majesty”

“Like most colleges have done in the past months, on Tuesday, administrators of the University of Michigan Ann Arbor announced a new campus policy which effectively allowed students to select their own personal “preferred pronouns”. The school informed the entire campus community, students and teachers alike, that they are obligated to adhere to these new rules. Punishment will be handed out to individuals who disobey the rules.

While all this was going on, one Student by name Grant StrobI decided to take this opportunity to troll the school. He was going to change his pronouns to “His Majesty”, and all students and faculty are required to refer to him by that.””

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