The Power Of Words

What is a word? It is a group of letters put together that designates something. The way they are used can also designate a certain power to them. Today, words have become more powerful then ever… Or have they? You see stories of people in colleges crying, screaming, and running to safe spaces in fear of words. They want to hide from them, put trigger warnings on them, or out right ban them altogether. To them these words are a threat to their fragile existence. Most of us would laugh at people like that, about how weak they are. Is it that the words are more powerful today, or is it that people have become weaker?

You`d probably laugh and say it`s that the people have become weaker. Well let me put the shoe on the other foot now. Words like racist, nazi, white supremacist etc have been thrown at white people for the last 20 years or more in order to control us, to silence us, and to manipulate us. I ask you to look at the above example, the one in which you laugh at the college kids for acting like children and answer how that is any different then you being scared to state an opinion or backpedaling on your opinion once those words come at you.

Words only have the power you let them have over you. It`s time to stop letting leftists turn you into coddled college kids hiding in your safe space. Break the power they have over you.

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