German No Go Zones

We posted a story about “No Go Zones” here this past week. While this might be new to some readers, these areas have existed for years throughout countries in Europe. They are the ghettos filled with the immigrants our politicians say bring cultural enrichment to our countries. What they are in reality are the results of a failed social experiment the politicians created and now refuse to acknowledge. They are dominated by warfare with no rule of law and even the police won`t go into them. Sweden and France are two countries that have been long known for these areas. As Germany has received an insanely large number of immigrants this past year, more and more parts of it are being transformed into a third world dystopia as well. The sad part is that the politicians and others who advocate and enable this immigration will ignore the problems before admitting they are wrong. It is no less then betrayal to their own people and country. The citizens of European countries need to start electing officials who don`t advocate for their cultural genocide. Ones who will preserve their identity and will turn their country into a No Go Zone for the hordes of immigrants who will not assimilate. Nationalism over globalism should be the rally cry.

Police say they are ‘sick’ of citizens’ NO-GO ZONE fears as terrified Germans beg for help

“Locals in the City’s Altenessen district brought begged officials to help, with one telling the City’s Mayor and the chief of police “I was born here and I do not feel safe anymore.”

But the officials shot down the claims of concerned locals, with Police Chief Frank Richter saying “I’m sick of it.”

The City’s Lord Mayor Thomas Kufen also knocked down the claims of his constituents, saying “Altenessen is not a no-go area, the people here are just angry”.

Others told horror stories of drug related crime and brawls, claiming police refused to respond in time to offer assistance to law abiding citizens.

Locals were left with no option but to laugh as the police official continued to dispute the claims that their local area was unsafe – despite people claiming they had been forced to leave the district they had called home after feeling unsafe.

German officials and police have long complained of a cover up of No-go zones within their precincts.

In 2011 former Chief Police commissioner Bernhard Witthaut said: “Every police commissioner and interior minister will deny it.”

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