Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue!

Do you have a classic story in which you interpret some characters as having a trait that you`d desire them to have? Do you want to threaten and demand that this story now adapt to your warped personal twist on it even though the author specifically says it was not meant to be that way? Well have no fear, social justice warriors will come to the rescue! Proving once again to be the pathetic bullies they are, the sjw`s of the world have now decided that two of the characters in The Outsiders are gay and are threatening the author for saying they aren`t. The irony is that they`ll cry about being offended by words yet they`ll target, threaten and degrade anyone who doesn`t submit to their warped outlook on life. They need to be called out and ridiculed for the babies they are.

‘Outsiders’ Author S.E. Hinton Crucified on Social Media for Saying Her Characters Aren’t Gay

When most authors are confronted with questions of whether a character they wrote is gay, transgender, different race, etc., they usually just weasel out by saying it’s up to interpretation.

But not Outsiders author S.E. Hinton. She had an answer, one that’s really pissing people off. Some dude on Twitter asked her if Johnny and Dally had the hots for each other, and she just flat-out said “no.”

Some on Twitter not only thought that Hinton’s response was homophobic but also quite rude. Now a good ole’ outrage mob has it out for Hinton for daring to take a stand on her decades-old characters’ sexuality.

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