Homeless Woman Protecting Trump`s Star Attacked

We haven`t documented the many cases of violence that is very prominent among leftist / democrats and especially the violence and assaults they have committed towards their political foes this election season. We do however point out the general double standards when it comes liberal intolerance for free speech and their attempts to stifle the free speech of people they disagree with. This is yet another disgusting episode in not only that arena but also the political violence they engage in

SHOCK VIDEO: Hillary Supporters ATTACK Homeless Woman Protecting Trump’s Star
“Trump Supporter gets what she’s been asking for… A Beatdown from a Latina.”

Shocking video out of California shows Hillary Clinton supporters violently attack a homeless woman who was doing all she could to defend Donald Trump’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Stories on the woman’s brave stand in defense of Donald Trump went viral all over the internet yesterday.

Today, newly surfaced video shared by one of Hillary Clinton’s Hillbullies shows an Hispanic thug lay his hands on the brave woman and steal her signs, all while shouting “GET YOUR ASS OUTTA HERE, B*TCH!”

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