Low Energy Republicans?

When it comes to the elected house and senate republicans, it really seems as if they are so low energy. The democrats are all over everything, trying to stop things, trying to start things, causing a ruckus whenever they can, while the republican party just sits and play defense whenever something is thrown at them. They never seem to try to take charge. Remember the omnibus bill? Democrats said Paul Ryan gave them everything they wanted. Is it because they are too comfortable raking in money from their sponsors to take a stand? Who`s to say. They should be in an uproar especially over something like this- Should California’s Votes be Disqualified Since They are Allowing Non-Citizens to Vote? I look forward to Trump draining the swamp and bringing back policies and people who will put America first. Furthermore, if you are a firebrand and can contribute politically in a positive manner, get out there and get involved. Don`t leave it up to the career politicians who sell you out while getting fat  

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