Bill Maher WhinyLittleBitch

Bill Maher recently went on a #WhinyLittleBitch tirade against virtually everyone on the Republican side of the fence. He also stated he would kill Anthony Weiner if Hillary loses. Bill Maher is an intelligent man and one that has a pretty open mind when it comes to seeing the double standards in the liberal tolerance of Islam. Somehow or other he has ignored the complete criminal activity of the Clinton campaign and has decided a globalist backed candidate who is essentially a war party candidate would be better then a man who wants to put America first because he said bad words. In response to his tirade that is quoted here, we did a little word play on it and directed it back at the liberal side:

Here we see the perfect example of the democrats army of whiny little bitches… these people are crazy. They think if Trump is elected, this is the end of civilization, right? They’re so brainwashed that we’re living in this country of disaster where there’s always a cold knife at your heart and a racist white guy at your door.

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