If liberals despised Bush-Cheney, why are they so excited for Hillary?

If liberals despised Bush-Cheney, why are they so excited for Hillary?

Liberal hatred for George W. Bush was first and foremost focused on that administration’s foreign and national security policies. Liberals hated the Iraq War. Liberals hated the Patriot Act. Liberals hated the neoconservatives.

Some might say “hate” is too strong a word. It isn’t. Liberals absolutely despised Bush. And it was visceral.

Hillary Clinton announced she was running for president on Sunday, energizing Democrats who are now “Ready for Hillary.”

But ready for what exactly? For a female Democratic president that has foreign policy positions similar to Dubya and a view of the Bill of Rights on par with Dick Cheney?

“Bush lied, people died,” the left used to chant in the streets. And now some of those same anti-war activists are likely gearing up for Hillary 2016 as we speak.

It was the protesters who lied. They never had a problem with mindless war or undermining the Bill of Rights. They just had a problem with Republicans doing it.

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