Libertarians Have Screwed Up the Chance of a Lifetime in 2016

For the record, I completely agree with this article. This should have been the year the libertarian ticket made major inroads. As we posted back at the beginning of August though, Johnson is not a libertarian, he is a liberal cuck. Neither him nor his running mate have done anything positive to advance the libertarian ticket or their ideals. Having a fat naked guy run around on stage at their national conference didn`t do much good either. You have to wonder if these guys are operatives intentionally set on destroying the libertarian party.

Libertarians Have Screwed Up the Chance of a Lifetime in 2016

“In a year where millions of Democrats and millions of conservatives were willing to vote their conscience rather than vote for their party, Gary Johnson’s party has come off as more immature, more ludicrous, and even more alienating than the regressive Democrats or the ridiculous Republicans. Frankly, it disgusts me that immature children have driven the online persona of being a  Libertarian so far into the ground, that liberals and Republicans who were ready to vote against their party have been so alienated that we have forced them back to a depressed vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

And let’s not forget to give a mention to Gary Johnson’s running mate: William Weld.

Someone must tell him immediately that he should want people to vote for his running mate, not Hillary Clinton. “A person of high moral character, a reliable person and an honest person.” This is Bill Weld’s opinion, and that’s fine. I disagree, but that’s fine. However, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut? This is one of multiple times Bill Weld has stood up for Hillary Clinton, an opposing presidential candidate!

In a year where the Libertarian Party had a chance – the greatest chance – to get to five percent nationally, something that would have been a huge long term benefit for both funding and guaranteed ballot spots, the Libertarian Party has royally blown it.”

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