Drain The Liberal Media Swamp

Liberals: Divisive in identity politics, United in their hatred against Whites

Drain The Liberal Media Swamp

For liberals everything is about divisiveness. Liberalism creates an identity in people out of every single little nuance they can and then postulates that they are persecuted because of it. They do this to create a specific self hood because it is much more effective then trying to get people to feel sorry for someone else`s woes. When it is you yourself who is the special little snowflake you are much more susceptible to their control and manipulation. Liberals and democrats play this game of divide and conquer constantly, but of course no matter who they fight internally with, they will all come together against white males. While ignoring the black and latino vote political commentator Van Jones shows how this anti white racism and divisiveness works with his absurd tirade that Trump`s election was a “whitelash”. He also somehow ignores the fact that Obama was a democratically elected two term president who couldn`t have won without the white vote:

Van Jones on Trump: ‘This was a white-lash against a changing country’

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