Liberal Logic: Election Outcome

Via Smash Cultural Marxism

You have to laugh at the ignorance of those on the ‘progressive’ left today who are protesting against Trump declaring that he is ‘not their President.’ They would have preferred a woman who has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of men women and children through her support for the illegal wars in the Middle East. Iraq, Libya, Syria and the Yemen have all been targeted for regime change and Clinton was one of the main driving forces behind it. The arming and funding of Islamic extremists to overthrow governments has led to the deaths of countless thousands of people. Yet these ‘progressive’ morons wanted her to win because she was a woman who loves open borders, feminism and the homosexuals. The blood of innocent people on the hands of Clinton didn’t matter to them. They are anti-war one minute, then support somebody who has been directly responsible for the wars they claim to oppose the next minute.

The Psychotic Left strikes again.

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