Support New Balance

New Balance shoes has recently been targeted by the mobs of emotionally dysfunctional #HillBullies currently throwing temper tantrums in our streets. As is par for the course with liberals, they only think emotionally, not logically. Why are they protesting New Balance? It`s because as an American company they know the regulations and set backs they face when it comes to manufacturing here as well as the damage trade deals like the TPP would cause for them and they supported Donald Trump for trying to level the playing field for American manufacturers. They are the last remaining major athletic shoe brand manufacturing in the US and instead of closing up and running to a country with cheap labor and leaving Americans out of work like other companies, they actually want to create more jobs here for the American working class. This logic is lost on liberal buffoons because once again, they only think emotionally. They`d rather push this company out of business then support one trying to create jobs for them. Liberalism is a mental disorder in which they`d rather live in a burned out shell of nothingness then tolerate a differing opinion.

In the end, if you are looking for a new pair of shoes, or are looking to buy your kids or other family members a new pair of shoes for Christmas, may we suggest a pair of New Balance.

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