Wanda Sykes Inappropriate Rant At Cancer Charity Event

Wanda Sykes who`s career as a comedian has essentially been a liberal political agenda filled with vulgarity towards those opposite of her, has once again inserted her politics into a situation that they did not belong. At a cancer charity event in Boston this past week she went on a rant about President Elect Donald Trump, racism, homophobia and more. Americans (who are tired of  being bullied by intolerant liberals with baseless accusations) booed her off stage as she tried to spew her hatred on them. Wanda Sykes eventually left the stage cursing and insulting them as she played the victim card. As quoted here: “Sykes’ comments were met with loud boos, prompting the comedian to yell out, “F–k you, motherf—er, f–k all of y’all.” “She then began pointing at various audience members and said, “F–k you, you, you.””

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