Smashing Fascism In Oregon

Liberalism / progressivism has become a truly fascist social ideology for the left. It is intolerance disguised as tolerance and it seeks to force that tolerance on others through threats of physical and economic violence. It is the idea that one group of people`s rights must be violated in order to cater to another, but in reality they only target people they hate, they`ll never take the side of those they disagree with.

In Oregon, which is a very liberal part of the country, Brad Avakian, the liberal fascist who imposed economic violence on a bakery as well as a bar owner has lost the election against a Republican social conservative. “Dennis Richardson will become the first Republican to win an Oregon statewide office in 14 years, and the first Republican secretary of state since 1985.”

Oregon Official Who Destroyed Christian Bakery Over Gay Wedding Cake Loses Election

“The Oregon public official responsible for shutting down a Christian-owned bakery that refused to cater a gay wedding lost in his bid to become Oregon secretary of state.”

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