Bill De Blasio: Communist Sympathizer Vs. Steve Bannon

New York`s mayor Bill De Blasio met with President Elect Donald Trump and among other things told him that based on Steve Bannon`s supposed support of White Nationalism that he does not belong in the White House. It`s our opinion that since Bill De Blasio has a history of communist sympathizing that he does not belong as a mayor in an American city.

De Blasio has also surrounded himself with aides of the same ilk as well. Below is a picture of his senior aide posing with his (the aides) sister. She is holding a sign saying f*ck whiteness.

The lack of outcry from mass media as opposed to their incessant whining about Steve Bannon (as well as everyone else picked so far by Trump) just further demonstrates the left leaning bias in mainstream media. It`s apparent that the “tolerance” they preach is a one way street. We need to start challenging these narratives and getting involved in such outlets through legal and professional activism in our communities, in politics, in media. Stay up late reading books on the weekend instead of staying up drinking beer. Educate yourself so you have a good position to argue your viewpoints from. Hit the weights and take up some kind of physical activity like running, or even better join a martial arts school. Take care of yourself and be someone others can look up to. On the propaganda side, as an independent “media outlet”, we would be interested in expanding on our current activities. Send us an email if you write, create music, do videos or podcasts and would like to work on a project. Email to

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