Fake Hate Crime. Man Admits Attack Was Faked “To Raise Awareness”

Most hate crimes are fake. They are either used by lonely people who want attention and that purple heart of victim hood, or they are made up to try and absolve oneself of personal responsibility for their own actions. Democrats have also been caught setting them up and faking them at Trump rallies. Keep that in mind while mass media continuously tells you about violent racist Trump supporters

In this case, a black man claimed he was attacked by two white men who told him that the U.S. was now Trump country while threatening to lynch him. After a police investigation the man admitted to making it up saying “he wanted to raise awareness about things that are going on around the country.” Well, he certainly did raise awareness to the multitude of fake hate crimes being reported. I hope he is held accountable as these things do nothing but create division and hatred between groups of people as a whole- those who think they are being victimized and those who are falsely accused of victimizing them.

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