Aging Punk Rock Band Finds Relevance In Era Of Trump

It seems the victory of President Elect Trump has been a blessing to all the raging whiny decades old protest bands that profited well in the pre Obama era. This new era we are going into will be a field day for the anti capitalist`s to capitalize and you can bet the music industry will be pulling aging musicians from the old age and rehab centers to record new music in the name of Anti Trumpism. Green Day is one of these irrelevant bands that made a name for themselves with their repetitive song structure and onstage antics that were supposed to be edgy, like playing on stage in his underwear. This shtick was so crucial to their image that it was said Billie Jo became irate when the bassist of Jimmies Chicken Shack one upped him by running on stage completely naked during a concert they played together.

Green Day is now being hailed by mass media (the real fake news outlets) for their performance at the American Music Awards in which they chanted No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA during their set. The funny thing is that like Green Days music, this chant is the same repetitive chorus used by leftists forever. You`d think they`d come up with something new by now.

There are plenty of more talented bands out there that don`t try and shove the sjw message down your throat like the establishment artists do.

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