How schools and the media cover up communist crimes

Our previous post about the college professor watchlist directly relates to this story. One of the goals of the communist think tank- The Frankfurt school, was to indoctrinate the higher levels of society through the infiltration of higher academia and today colleges are ripe with leftist professors who promote a one sided world view and un American activities in education. It is the indoctrinated students of these professors that go on to work in mass media and other influential outlets to continue propagating that message (whether consciously or not). Liberalism and communism need to be rooted out of our higher academia. The excerpt below expands on this one sided propaganda. Read the complete article in the link posted.

How schools and the media cover up communist crimes

An astonishingly high percentage of millennials do not know who communist leaders like Mao Zedong and Vladimir Lenin were. Even worse, among those actually familiar with these leaders, a quarter had a favorable opinion of Lenin and a full 37% admired Che Guevara.

These are among the most eye-popping results of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation’s survey of American attitudes toward capitalism, socialism, and communism.

Perhaps the most disturbing finding is how many Americans, and particularly millennials, lacked basic knowledge of the crimes of communist regimes. About 30% of millennials labored under the delusion that George W. Bush’s administration had killed more people than Joseph Stalin.

Only 37% had a very unfavorable view of communism, and a little less than 20% thought it likely they could vote for a Communist political candidate.

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