Marxist And Totalitarian Infiltration Of The Libertarian Party

I came across this article ( Libertarians’ Primary Goal Over the Next Four Years? Defeat the Alt-Right ) the past week and was really dismayed by it. As if the antics of the LP as well as their presidential nominees this past election cycle weren`t enough to damage the party, this article goes further and promotes a view antithetical to the LP`s basic tenant of individual freedom and right to association. It demonstrates the Marxist totalitarian infiltration of the LP by people claiming to be leaders and steering the ship of course. But then again the above article should have come as no surprise since the website belongs to a guy who claims to be a libertarian but says it`s ok to kill people who have opinions he disagrees with.

Yesterday this article ( Libertarian Jim Crow ) was posted on the Libertarian Heathen site and does a great job exposing the Marxist LP members for what they are.

“The essence of libertarianism, and really of the American ideal, is defense of the rights of those you disagree with.”

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