Baltimore: Renaming National Holidays And Banning Fake Guns

Baltimore this past week (among multiple other regularly occurring murders) has seen an 80 year old woman beaten and car jacked by a 13 and 15 year old and 73 year old man stabbed to death in broad daylight. Meanwhile, Baltimore City Council held a meeting this past week to vote to rename Columbus Day – Indigenous Peoples and Italian Americans Day as well as put forward a replica gun ban. The vote to rename Columbus Day did fail, but Councilman Brandon Scott (who put this forward) says he will reintroduce it. Also scheduled for a later agenda is the tearing down of monuments they say honor oppression. In reality none of these things will do anything to help stop the crime rate in the city or make it better for it`s citizens. Instead of worrying about renaming a national holiday, tearing down monuments and banning fake guns, they should be putting forward a bill to allow open carry for Baltimore citizens to protect themselves from violent criminals.

This is why we advocate legal political activism. When you do not take part in politics you allow people who do not represent your best interests to control you.

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