Nancy Pelosi: ‘Racist or Just Dumb’?

Since the nomination of Dr. Ben Carson to be the next secretary of HUD, democrats and leftists in general have attacked his ability to do the job. Among the most prominent is House Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi. The simple fact is that if this were Republicans voicing concern that a black man wasn`t qualified for a job they would be called racist. Our current outgoing president is one such example where liberals said voicing opposition is nothing more then racism. Using their own logic against them, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee slammed Nancy Pelosi for her comments asking if she is “racist or just dumb?”

As laid out here:
“Progressives like Pelosi and Schumer are simply petrified, much like the slave-owning Democrats of antebellum, that blacks will turn on them once they realize they don’t have to be in chains anymore.  We saw this with Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during his Senate Confirmation when Liberals tried to keep him “in his place.”
Clarence Thomas summed it up perfectly in his mic drop response to the baseless allegations that progressives tried to sabotage him with high tech lynching.”

This is all further backed up in our previous post here and here about how the democrat party is traditionally the slave party. Democrats and liberals don`t really care about poc, they sue them as pawns to advance their own agenda and will turn on anyone black or white who go against them.

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