Twitter Banning Donald Trump?

Mass media is incensed over President Elect Donald Trump`s twitter use. They call him immature, unprofessional and so on, but for all the complaints they give, the real reason they hate it is because because it allows him to by pass mass media and gives him a direct communication with the American people that isn’t filtered through a biased msm. It is also faster and more effective because he doesn’t have to take time out to prep and do a press conference the way Obama did when he wants to tell Americans how evil they are with such speeches as… “If i had a son he might have looked like trayvon”…

Liberals have been reveling in the idea that twitter may ban him the way they have banned several other conservative accounts. I`m going to predict that with the threat of a twitter censorship as well the biased mass media in general, that the Trump team will create their own media outlets. When they do create this outlet, leftists (who brought it about due to their own censorship) will scream that this is state run propaganda and that he is “literally Hitler” as they did in the primaries.

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