Fake Hate Crimes And Fake News

Mass media has been on a frenzy this past election campaign running all kinds of #FakeNews stories about Trump supporters committing hate crimes. While the majority of these have turned out to be fake, it still has not stopped them from jumping the gun and reporting on any and all crimes as being hate crimes before any facts even come out. The Christmas Day fire at a mosque in Texas last year was yet another chance for them to jump on the hate crime narrative they like to push. And being in a place like Texas was even better for them as liberals traditionally hate Texas for being White and conservative and not backing down to fascist liberal dictates. So when a fire was set at a mosque in Texas liberals were up in arms screaming about hatred, Trump supporters, anti muslim intolerance and so on. As it turned out this was yet another fake hate crime and was intentionally set by one of it`s members. Once again the mainstream media #FakeNews outlets have egg on their face from reporting on a fake hate crime.

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