Hate Crimes, A One Way Street

Over and over since Trump`s campaign started reports have been coming out about a rise in hate crimes. As typical with outlets that push an agenda and don`t want facts to get in the way two things are being excluded from these reports. The first is that a lot of them have turned out to be fake. The second is that the real hate crimes are not being reported. The story below states that the splc did a survey among school teachers to see if there were any incidents of “hate” occurring in schools, but after all was said and done they didn`t report on the numbers of incidents committed against white kids. When finally pressed they stated that 20% of the people who responded stated that there were attacks on white students. Based on the splc`s bias and known fact manipulation the actual number could be much higher though. We wonder if this story about a White kid in a MAGA hat being beaten by four black schoolmates was one that was overlooked as well. The New York Post did a story on the splc`s biased report which you can read here: Report buried Trump-related ‘hate crimes’ against white kids

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