Russians! Russians Everywhere!!

Just a quick post to show how absurd this Russian hacker thing is getting. Not only are there claims that they hacked our elections, but now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon using them as an excuse for their own failures. Neocon Lindsey Graham (who along with fellow Republican hack John McCain joined democrats in their Russian conspiracy theories) is just the latest US politician claiming to have been hacked. These claims are spreading across the world now too, with Labour MP Ben Bradshaw claiming Russia was probably to blame for the Brexit vote winning to exit EU. As absurd as this claim is, it can be shown that President Obama did try to sway it against leaving when he urged them to stay in the EU.

But wait, there`s more: The conspiracy theories have gotten so bad now they are blaming Russia and Syria for the migrant sex attacks in an effort to oust Angela Merkel in the next German election. The fact is that globalism is a failure. Only the elites want it. Instead of admitting they failed, they need to find a scapegoat.

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