Ta-Nehisi Coates`s Racist Logic

Similar to Liberal Logic, this is a post highlighting the idiocy of Racist Logic. In a blatantly racist comment, Ta-Nehisi says All Trump had to do was be rich and white to win the election. Based on that, since Obama got 96% of the black vote, it can be said that all Obama had to do was be black. Mr. Coates is just another in a long run of paid agitators who like sharpton and jackson blame everything on white racism instead of trying to encourage their people to better themselves. This is the inherent negligence of anti white racism, it absolves people of their personal responsibility and makes excuses for their failures. It doesn`t encourage them to better themselves. It says as long as white racism exists you will never amount to anything so it`s not even worth trying. Btw, Trump won the election getting votes from the same “racist white people” that voted for Obama the last 2 elections.

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