Michael Sheen: Social Justice Warrior To The Rescue

The feels in this story are strong. Actor Michael Sheen ( whom we have never heard of ) has decided he will quit acting to fight the rising forces of fascism. He will be leaving his partner Sarah Silverman and moving to Wales to do so. Speculation has been thrown about however that perhaps he is doing this just to get away from the obnoxiously unfunny “comedian” Sarah Silverman. In response to him leaving all behind for his social justice warrior mission to save the world, all we have to say is- Such Brave!

Michael Sheen ‘will quit acting to become a full-time activist’ over fears of far-right populism

“Michael Sheen is reportedly so disturbed by the rise of far-right populism he is quitting acting to become an activist, and says he does not know if his relationship with Sarah Silverman will survive.

Sheen will leave Silverman, his partner of two years, and family in Los Angeles and move to Port Talbot in south Wales to combat the wave of “demagogic, fascistic” politics he believes has engulfed the West in the past decade.”

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