Another Racist MTV Hit Piece

MTV, which stopped being a music channel years ago instead opting to be a Marxist propaganda outlet, has run yet another anti white piece titled “2017 New Years Resolutions For White Guys” in which a bunch of feminists, cucks, and poc talk about why they hate white guys. In the “liberals learned nothing about why Donald Trump won the election” category, they continue down the road of insults and stereotypes and predictably the backlash was immediate. Their youtube video received only a couple hundred likes but over 20,000 unlikes. It was deleted and then reuploaded with the same results.

Imo this actually has great potential for a counter attack. Start your trending hashtag #2017WhiteGuyResolution and post something like “I will stand up for my European Family”. Or better yet, since they seem to know what we can do to make ourselves better, perhaps we should start a #2017ResolutionForFeminists or #2017ResolutionForBlackGuys or any other similar hashtag. Use your imagination for what to post 😉

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