Baltimore`s Elected Officials Vote To Get Pay Raises, Have No Money For Schools Or Infrastructure

Baltimore is the exemplary example of a democrat run city. As we pointed out the other week, amidst the crime and violence that exists such issues of renaming Columbus Day and tearing down statues have taken precedence. In the latest news, it was reported yesterday that city officials voted to give their counterparts pay raises. This would be fine if issues in Baltimore requiring financial solutions were all taken care of, but this is not the case. This is a city that just this past year was complaining that they need money for air conditioning in schools so that it does not violate the civil rights of the students. Just two weeks ago the mayor also hand delivered a letter to President Elect Donald Trump asking him for federal money to rebuild the infrastructure. It should be noted that Baltimore received $1.8 billion in federal stimulus money and there is a great article here on how Baltimore mismanaged that. Now, I`m not the president, but if I were I`d look at that along with the latest pay raise, the fact that the city council voted to condemn Trump`s rhetoric, the shifting of profits from casinos, and Baltimore`s commitment to remaining a sanctuary city and I`d tell them to make due on their own. Perhaps they can keep raising property taxes on the few tax paying suckers that still reside there.

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