Marine and Marion Le Pen Slam Merkel for Berlin Attack

This past election one of the biggest excuses the left tried to use for Hillary losing was that she lost because she was a woman and that America is sexist. This excuse is bunk. Once again we specifically are pushing for Marine and Marion le Pen in the upcoming elections in France as they continue to rail against the insane immigration policies in Europe and the current leaders failure to protect the people of their countries

Marine and Marion Le Pen Slam Merkel for Berlin Attack

Following the Berlin Christmas market attack, French anti-mass migration presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, along with her populist niece Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, both slammed German Chancellor Angela Merkel for her migrant policies.

In a press release Ms. Le Pen gave a statement on the attack saying, “How many more people must die at the hands of Islamic extremists before our governments close our porous borders and stop taking in thousands of illegal immigrants?” adding, “I call for the immediate restoration of our national borders and equally the immediate cessation of the distribution of migrants in our communities.”

The release also called for increased cooperation between the United States of America, France, and Russia on the subject of terrorism. “Washington, Paris, and Moscow must form a strategic alliance against Islamic fundamentalism, to ensure the external and internal security of nations. Let us stop the quarrels and unnecessary polemics, the scale of the threat forces us to move fast, and together,” she said.

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