Irony: Mexico Upset U.S. Is Taking It`s Jobs

In today`s funny department news, Mexico is upset that America is taking it`s jobs. Under President Elect Donald Trump, Ford has decided to invest “hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities in Michigan” instead of moving to Mexico. Ford is yet another company to announce plans to invest in the American workforce along with Fiat Chrysler who has just announced a $1 billion investment in US manufacturing creating 2,000 new jobs as well as other investors. While President Trump is setting us up on a steady path of #Winning, overrated actor`s and actresses who need their 2 seconds of fame are being patted on the back by other liberals for being liberal.¬† They are #Losing

Mexican Officials Taken By Surprise Over Ford’s Reversal On Plant

CORNISH: And rather than build the plant in Mexico, Ford says it’s going to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities in Michigan. That’s going to add about 700 jobs there. But how are people in Mexico taking the news?

KAHN: They’re very upset, not taking it well at all. Like I said, the plant was already under construction, so that work has stopped, and those people are out of jobs. Once the plant was built, it was going to employ 2,800 people, so those are jobs that are not going to be here anymore.

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