Winning : GM Plans $1 Billion U.S. Investment

GM to Invest $1 Billion in U.S. Plants After Trump Pressures Co. to Keep Jobs in U.S.

General Motors announced Tuesday that it will invest $1 billion in U.S. plants amid pressure from President-elect Donald Trump to keep jobs in the U.S.

GM said the $1 billion investment, along with the 1,500 new jobs the company expects to create or retain in the U.S., is in addition to the $2.9 billion investment the company announced in 2016 and more than $21 billion the company has invested in the U.S. since 2009, the Detroit Free Press reported.

GM also said it will start moving axle production for its pickup trucks in the U.S., including work previously done in Mexico, to plants in Michigan. The company expects that move will create an additional 450 jobs.

The company said it plans to create a total of 7,000 new jobs over the next two or three years, including the 450 jobs on axle production, the 1,500 new jobs announced with the investment, and more than 5,000 jobs related to engineering, GM financial, and advanced technology, Reuters reported.

GM also said it plans to bring back information technology jobs that were previously outsourced to foreign countries in a move that will create 5,000 new IT jobs in the U.S. over the next few years.

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