Afghan Migrants Arrested in Facebook Live Rape Case

Going back to a post we made just last week about Sweden being the rape capital of the west due to mass immigration, another story has just come out about a woman being raped live on facebook by Afghan immigrants

Sweden: Immigrants Arrested After ‘Gang-Raping Woman on Facebook Live’

A group of immigrants reportedly streamed themselves gang-raping a woman on Facebook Live

Three men have been arrested in Uppsala, Sweden over suspicions of gang rape. Local media report police were alerted after being tipped off that the crime was being streamed on Facebook.

The crime allegedly took place early Sunday morning, with the police reportedly receiving a tip-off around 9:00am.

Aftonbladet daily spoke to some of the members of the closed Facebook group in which the “aggravated rape” was reportedly broadcast live. Witnesses said the girl being gang-raped was close to unconscious at the time.

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