Antifa Humor: Masked Crusaders Unmask Themselves On Public Forum

Antifa`s message is resist, well we can`t resist laughing at all their epic fails lately. From their torching a Muslim immigrants limo in an effort to fight white racism, to Shia Labeouf getting arrested for assault, to crying to the police, and even getting manhandled by police for blocking traffic the laughs keep on coming. In the latest comedic routine, Colorado Springs antifa discuss on a public forum about wearing masks to disrupt an event by Milo Yiannopoulos.  In depth article as well as the unmasked crusaders profiles here   

One thought on “Antifa Humor: Masked Crusaders Unmask Themselves On Public Forum”

  1. In repley to Antifa Humor: I went ahead and clicked on the link to see the unmasked Antifa. The first clown pictured was a Gabe Valdovinos of the Colorado Springs, Antifa. What I found the most humorous wasn’t the fake pistol or using his fat stack of one dollar bills as a mock cell phone (I can only assume, unless George Washington speaks to him through the money). He is wearing Adidas shoes, jacket, and hat. As we know, Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler started the Adidas company and was a National Socialist that fought for Germany during the Second World War. Quite Ironic, next it will be Puma, that was started by his brother. The ignorance of these kids is unsettling.


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