Hawaiians Call Mark Zuckerberg ‘The Face Of Neocolonialism’ Over Land Lawsuits

Mark Zuckerberg is being called the face of neo colonialism by native Hawaiians for his attempts to lay claim to a 700 acre parcel of land he bought in 2014. The land as it turned out, has sections on it owned by descendants of former family members who have demanded their rights to it. In response a lawsuit was filed in order to have these lands auctioned off. While this legal action is preferable to just running bulldozers through and taking the land like they do in Palestine, it still faced massive backlash. He has since dropped the lawsuit but protestors will still be out blowing conch shells and beating on drums outside his property as they say his security guards have harassed people and restricted access to a public beach. While Zuckerberg has condemned people for wanting to build walls, he subsequently built a 6 ft wall on his property. This will be another subject of protest. All we have to say is- Mr. Zuckerberg, tear down this wall!

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