Was The Women`s March On DC An Epic Troll Job?

Anti semitism, sharia law advocate, threats of violence, convicted felons, accusations of discrimination, Meg Griffin impersonators, giant vagina costumes and more. The #WomansMarchOnDC had it all.

The #WomansMarchOnDC was supposed to be an empowering event for women the world over but at closer view it seems like it was in all actuality an epic troll event. The first story that came out obviously was of a drugged up sounding Madonna giving a speech in which she stated how she has thought about blowing up the white house. Not to be outdone by a speaker merely expressing thoughts of violence, the next revelation came out that Donna Hylton, an actual ex felon who helped kidnap torture and murder a 62 year old homosexual man was also featured as a guest speaker.

If this weren`t all bad enough, in an antithetical stance to women`s rights, it turns out one of the organizers- Linda Sarsour (who has also been accused of anti semitism) is an advocate for Sharia Law

While this would appear to be an epic troll event, the organizer and speaker roster actually does seem to be on par with liberal standards. But not to be outdone by that, in what looked like a sea of Meg Griffins, the participants themselves paraded around in pink “pussy” hats and some of them wore giant vagina costumes. Transgender activists quickly denounced these walking pussies as being discriminatory to “biological men who identify as women”.

In the end this was a successful event by liberal standards. The sea of trash and discarded signs at the end of it all summed up the current state of feminist women. In the video below Nicole Arbour takes a comedic approach to take these nasty women to task.

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