“Bully Killer” Donald Trump To Cut Federal Funds To UC Berkeley

Updated 8:45 pm: Broken windows at UC Berkeley by fascists in protest of gay Jewish speaker leaves some observers calling it Berkeley’s Night Of Broken Glass. Bully Killer Trump responds.

Violent militant left wing fascists have once again used bully tactics to silence free speech at UC Berkeley last night. Reminiscent of something that would happen in Nazi Germany, not only did they break windows out of Berkeley`s auditorium (which left some observers calling it Berkeley`s Night Of Broken Glass) they also started fires and beat innocent people as well as pepper sprayed a girl and motorists. Riots and violence have become common place among left wing agitators and as usual mass media is completely silent about it. Think back to when the Tea Party had massive gatherings (all of which were peaceful) and remember how horrible mass media treated them and compare that to the riots taking place by these bullies. Not to be ignored, “The Bully Killer” President Trump has vowed to cut off federal funds to UC Berkeley for their violence and oppression against those who have differing opinions.

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