MMA Fighter Jake Shields Vs. The Masked Crusaders Of Antifa

After starting a riot at UC Berkeley Wednesday night for the goal of suppressing free speech (in which some observers called Berkeley`s Night Of Broken Glass), the fascist masked crusaders then took to the streets of downtown Berkeley destroying businesses, beating random people, and pepper spraying motorists. In the middle of it all was MMA fighter Jake Shields who came to the rescue of a man that was being beaten by 20 thugs while the cops stood by and watched. The aftermath of the video is below and you can hear him berate antifa basically for being fascist masked idiots. In the video antifa try to explain to him that they are there because a “Nazi” was speaking at Berkeley to which Jake replies “What nazi, was it you guys that was speaking?”. The irony is that the “Nazi” they were referring to was in fact the gay Jewish immigrant Milo Yiannopoulos. This is the only good outcome of the recent riots, suppression of free speech and oppression at the hands of antifa, they are waking more and more people up to the fact that they are the true fascists and nazis.

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