It’s Time to Admit That Leftists Can’t Be Reasoned With

Excerpt from “It’s Time to Admit That Leftists Can’t Be Reasoned With” below.

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There is no pact to be made with those that shut down dialogue. There is no discussion to be had with those that have violent outbursts in the streets because a man who holds different opinions from them is speaking inside a college building, instead of maybe going to the event and challenging his ideas intellectually. There is no teaching economics to someone that wants everything handed to them for free and will throw a tantrum if you take it away from them. There is no teaching someone about the ethics of property rights when they feel that they are entitled to your belongings, and will take them from you if the state isn’t going to.

The fact of the matter is that there is no reasoning with the unreasonable. Leftists just want to be mad, and want to feel justified in their anger. 

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