Blastfest Lets Antifa Bully Them, Then Lose Ticket Sales & Cancel Show

For a quick background into this story- Blastfest 2017 was supposed to have the band Peste Noire as a headliner but dropped them after the fascist group antifa started threatening the organizers. Blastfest cowered like bitches and support for the fest dwindled away. Now it looks like the entire thing has been cancelled due to low ticket sales. This is what happens when you allow yourself to be bullied. The post below goes into it more. Also see an oped on this from Metal Insider in our Everyone Hates Antifa article here.
BLASTFEST 2017, where Peste Noire performance was cancelled earlier, is now cancelled due to low ticket sales

Good lesson for all those mainstream promoters who are not willing to stand against the so-called antifa “mind-police”. First, you cancel one of the headliners for no reason other than internet bullying, then another headliner drops off to show their solidarity (great respect to Horna!) and finally you have to cancel the fest because it sucks and people don’t won’t to buy tickets anymore. At the end of the day, you are left with nothing – no fest and no respect.

This story also tells us how the extreme scene can punish those who don’t have enough guts to stand their ground and prefer to surrender to political censorship instead. Next time – think twice, otherwise the bands and the crowd will simply drop off.

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