MD College Dem Pres Embraces Free Speech, His Counterpart Says It`s Only For Pizza Toppings

I caught this guy on Tucker Carlson`s show the other night. I applaud him for taking his party to task on the issue of free speech and civil discussion. Unlike his counterpart (which has made one of the stupidest statements I`ve seen) discussion of opinions is not limited to pepperoni vs cheese pizza. Hopefully Mr. Teitelbaum will succeed in bringing Milo to Towson. #FreeSpeechIsNotJustForPizzaToppings #ThisIsWhyWeCantHaveNiceThings

MD College Dem prez challenges ‘regressive left’ to embrace speech

The President of the College Democrats of Maryland is fed up with the “tantrums” liberals throw over “safe spaces” from “hate speech,” and says he wants Milo Yiannopoulos to visit his school.

“Milo is not an oppressor; he’s a messenger,” Matt Teitelbaum writes in an op-ed for The Huffington Post. “I don’t agree with every aspect of his message. However, I must admit, I agree with some of it. And that’s important. It’s important for people from different sides of the isle to listen to one another.”

The Towson University senior touts Milo as an example of “what public discourse between people who disagree is supposed to look like,” observing that “when faced with a respectful challenge to his ideas, he’s extremely polite and gives very well thought out answers to genuine questions from liberals.”

Teitelbaum, a political science and mass communications double major, identified those students wanting to censor speakers like Milo as part of the “regressive left,” but assured Campus Reform that “there is a silent majority of College Democrats with similar views to me, and I am trying to encourage them to speak out.”

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