The Milo Effect: More And More Free Thinkers Leave The Authoritarian Left

We posted yesterday about Matt Teitelbaum, the President of Maryland`s Democrat party who wants to bring Milo Yiannopoulos to Towson University to speak. Milo who himself is a gay man does not toe the line when it comes to the liberal left agenda and in fact criticizes their childishness, double standards, and authoritarianism. His method of delivery is mostly to use comedy in the way a shock jock would but with a message that is factual. This mocking of the left combined with incontrovertible points has drawn the ire of those on the left who demand that their fascist dictates go unopposed and has caused them to lash out violently at not only Milo but anyone who supports him. The good thing about this is that it allows free thinkers (classic liberals) to see just how authoritarian and cult like the left has become. More and more on the political left are breaking rank due to this and calling them out and we are calling this #TheMiloEffect as he continuously exposes this hypocrisy and authoritarianism. Below is another story of a man who had been a life long liberal until the #TheMiloEffect forced him out of the closet

I’m a gay New Yorker — and I’m coming out as a conservative

Chadwick Moore, a 33-year-old journalist who lives in Williamsburg, had been a lifelong liberal. Then, last September, he penned a profile for Out magazine of Milo Yiannopoulos — a controversial alt-right extremist who is an outspoken critic of feminism, Muslims and gay rights (despite being openly gay himself). Although the Out story didn’t take a positive stance — or any stance — on Yiannopoulos, Moore found himself pilloried by fellow Democrats and ostracized by longtime friends.

Here, he tells Michael Kaplan his story — including why the backlash drove him to the right.

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