Joy Villa: Leftists Throwing Hate Towards A Black Woman And Her Gay Immigrant Dress Designer

The liberal left is the new kkk. They attack and lynch anyone who isn`t ideologically pure to their standards both physically and verbally. The latest attacks came last night at the grammy`s when singer Joy Villa wore a Trump Train / MAGA dress. Joy Villa, who is a black woman, immediately received hate and condemnation from the same people who say black women need to be empowered and that any criticism is racist and patriarchal. Not to be singled out herself, they are also attacking her dress designer Andre Soriano who is a gay immigrant. It`s really funny seeing the left show their true colors when it comes to picking and choosing who to support and who to lynch. Despite this leftist hate, immediately after her red carpet appearance her album sales skyrocketed. Let those businesses who are removing the Trump families products take note.

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